The spinnaker with a wing for safe and easy downwind sailing.


The single-skin-wing version of the Parasailor for great light wind performance.


Hoisting and snuffing made easy.

Downwind Equipment

Everything you need to fly symmetric sails and more.

Parasailor on Fountaine Pajot Helia 44

Congratulations to Robin & John for flying their 1,507 ft² Parasailor from Cape May to Block Island for the first time on their Fountaine Pajot Helia 44. 

Robin & John came to the National Training Center in St Petersburg, Florida for a demo day and purchased the sail as soon as they saw the sail open for the first time with their own eyes!

Parasailor USA personally delivered Robin's and John's Parasailor to their brand new yacht, Fountaine Pajot Helia 44, at the Miami International boat show February 2015.

Thanks for taking the shot showing the Parasailor flying perfectly with the aids of the Barber-Huler and Soft Tacker emailing it over to us John! If you have a picture of your yacht with the Parasailor flying, send it to

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Parasailor on Cassiopeia

Congratulations to Vicky & Graeme for flying their special design 2,454 ft² Parasailor for the first time on their Leopard 58 sailing from Bitter End to Jost Van BVI. That's Graeme at the helm, waving - looks like they are having lots of fun Cool.

Graeme purchased his Parasailor at the United States Boat Show in Annapolis MD, October 2014 and while his sail was in production, Vicky & Graeme came to the Parasailor international training center in St Petersburg, FL, January 2015 for training. It was a great day on the water by all.

Parasailor USA personally delivered Graeme's Parasailor to his brand new yacht,  a Lagoon 58 at the Miami International boat show February 2015.

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ISTEC - The Downwind Company

ISTEC delivers innovative downwind sailing technologies. Invented and engineered in Germany, the Parasailor, ISTEC's flagship product, is the first ever downwind sail with an integrated, inflated airfoil. ISTEC's product range further includes the Parasail, another airfoil integrated downwind sail, the snuffing system Easysnuffer, and handy sail bags — true to ISTEC's mission: the Downwind Company.

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"I'd recommend the Parasailor to everyone"

"You're not at the sheet and guy the whole time, something that really suits a lazy crew. I often set the Parasailor without the pole and just use it like a normal asymmetric. I'd recommend the Parasailor to anyone thinking about buying a new spinnaker."

Jimmy Cornell, sailing pioneer & author, UK

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Parasailor North America

Parasailor North America is the exclusive distributor of ISTEC products in North America.

Based in St. Petersburg, FL, USA, we operate the National Training Center, open all year, with access to a fleet of boats ranging from 30 ft to 50 ft through our Intelligent Sailing Fleet.

Come down to sunny St. Pete to make use of our "try before you buy" offering.

We exhibit at the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis, MD every October.

Open all year round

"Try before you buy" Program

Our "National Training Center" has its own fleet of Sailing Yachts with a range of Parasailors.

Only 25min, from Tampa International Airport - TPA (third best-ranked Airport in the USA).

Parasailor training is complimentary with purchase of a Parasailor; but for the "Try before you Buy" program there is a fee, which is fully-refundable when you purchase. The fee includes a one-night stay on one of our sailing yachts.

Have an experience of a lifetime!

The Sailing Yacht will come with fresh bedding, towels, pillows, etc.

The only fully-operational Parasailor training center in the world!

Call 813 817 0104 or email  to make a reservation.

Sailing yachts ranging from 36 - 50 ft.

NTC on tour in Miami

NTC on tour in Annapolis

We provide private training