Intelligent Sailing Yacht-Club Membership program is like a gym membership on the Water. We are a month-to-month program.

As a Intelligent member, you will... 

  • Choose what size yacht you want to sail in one of our locations,

  • Log on to our server,      

  • Make reservations via our online calendar, booking either a day, a few days, a weekend, a whole week or even 11 days back-to-back* (regular membership terms*).

  • You then show up bringing only bedding and any food you might want for your time aboard; everything else is supplied

  • Treat the yacht as your very own; pride of ownership

Our wide selection of yachts cover every sailor's needs. 

Walk along the docks, pick out your new home away from home...

Intelligent Memberships available now...    

 Join our Intelligent Club! (security deposit and joining fee required)

 Lets talk about your membership:


Regular Membership information - What YOU Get:

 - 60 midweek + 24 Weekend Reservations 

 - Reservation Times 10:30am-6pm   and   6pm-10:30am

 - Unlimited Use as available under 24-hour rule

 - Full WEEK every second month = Six Full Weeks per year

 - All-Inclusive - Month-to-Month Lease
 - Special Discounts on tl_files/tiny_templates/American Sailing Association at Intelligent Sailing Inc.jpg Sailing Courses

 Reciprocal Use at Other intelligent Sailing Locations

DOUBLE DOWN: OUR PLATINUM Intelligent Membership gives YOU more for Less - buy a 2nd membership at a reduced rate and get a 1/4 use of your yacht.