Introducing our Fleet

The Intellient Sailing Fleet veries in size depending on our different programs.

In our Intelligent Sailing Membership Program we currently offer three size Monohulls. The iS33, iS36 & iS45.

In our Intelligent Sailing School we currently offer five sizes in monohull & multihull. The iS33 (monohull), iS36 (monohull), iS37 (monohull), iS40 (catamaran) & iS45 (monohull).

In our Intelligent Sailing Captained Charter Program we currently offer one size in Catamaran. The iS40

These yachts comes with two to four sleeping cabins. Our yachts will make your sailing dream a luxurious reality. 

All of our yachts are fully loaded. You WILL be very impressed with our high standards. 

Intelligent Sailing Fleet -

Walk along the dock and pick out your new home away from home...

Our Yachts at Intelligent Sailing are known in the industry as an example to follow. We are proud of the condition and quality of our yachts. When you view the fleet, we are sure you will agree.

Elan Impression 45

The iS 36

The iS 33