Sheets & Guys Equipment

Your sheets and guys equipment contains the following:

  • Red Sheet
  • Green Sheet
  • Blue Guys
  • Snap Shackles
  • Blocks w/Becket & Adjustable Shackle
  • Stand up Blocks w/Swivel Stand-up Deck Plate & Backing Plate
  • Marine Soft Shackles
  • Bungees
  • Lanyards

Sheets & Guys

Rope sizes -

Under 40ft 9mm, 3/8",

40ft - 55ft 11mm 7/16

Over 55ft 12.7mm 1/2"

Snap Shackles x 2

One Sheet & one Guy spliced to each Snap Shackle. Each Snap Shackle comes with lanyard for easy release.

Blocks w/Becket & Adjustable Shackle

Single Blocks with Becket and Adjustable Shackle.

Recommended for Mono & Cat.

4 Block for each Sheet & each Guy

Possible that you might need a few more; for example, at the mast to prevent chafing.

Stand up Blocks w/Swivel Stand-up Deck Plate & Backing Plate

Single Blocks with Swivel Stand-up Deck Plate

Recommended for Cats as they work great to install on the bow of each hull

Marine Soft Shackles

Breaking strength of 27,000lbs and ideal for connecting blocks to deck cleats instead of installing additional hardware.

Available in Black, Blue
& ISTEC Grey


Needed to prevent blocks from banging on your deck causing gel coat damage.

Barber-Hauler Equipment

Your Barber-Hauler equipment contains the following:

  • Black Barber-Hauler lines
  • Blocks w/ or w/out Becket, Adjustable Shackle & Cam Cleat
  • Snatch Blocks
  • Soft Shackles
  • Bungees

Barber-Hauler Lines

Black 11mm 7/16

Blocks w/ or w/out Becket, Adjustable Shackle & Cam Cleat

Great to jam off the Barber-Hauler - with becket (left) for higher up lifelines to attach bungee too or without becket (right) for lower lifelines.

Snatch Blocks

The Snatch Block is connected to the end of the Barber-Hauler line. The sheet goes through the open side and closes after. Easy to apply under sail.

Marine Soft Shackles

The Baber-Hauler goes mid-ship of yacht. The best place to install is on the mid-ship cleat via a Soft Shackles.

Breaking strength of 27,000lbs. Available in Black, Blue & ISTEC Grey 


Bungees connect Blocks w/ or w/out Becket, to lifelines



Clever storing solutions for your downwind sails.

The ISTEC Cruising Bag

(Cruising Bag is included with the purchase of the Parasailor or Parasail)

Cruising Bag

The Cruising bag is rightly called an intelligent bag, because not only does it allow Parasailors and Parasails to be compressed into the smallest possible packet sizes, but also every other kind of downwind sail as well. The fasteners, which are also used in mountaineering, can be opened and closed effortlessly with just one hand. The detailed workmanship of the deck ties with which the bag can be securely attached to the deck is just as remarkable as the aluminium coated bottom that prevents any dampness seeping into the sail - or conversely dripping into your cabin. And still your sail is able to dry out easily thanks to the airing strips fitted all around the Cruisingbag.

Of course the Cruisingbag also has an oval shape just like the funnel of the Easysnuffer, so that both of them fit perfectly together. And with its four handles making it easy to move, this little pack feels at home no matter where you put in onboard.

The ISTEC Line Bag

Raceline Bag

This line bag is perfect for all your downwind sailing equipment. It will hold your Sheets, Guys, your Blocks for Sheets and Guys, your Baber-Hauler lines including your Blocks and Snatch Blocks for the Baber-hauler, your soft Tacker and all the Soft Shackles that make it easy to attach blocks to your boat.

The ISTEC Sports Bag

This sports bag is perfect for the extra things you need, from sailing gloves to sailing hats this bag compliments the ISTEC Bag lineup. 



Other Equipment

The Soft Tacker

The Soft Tacker runs around the jib furler and prevents the Parasailor from oszillating in front of the boat. This is great for covering long distances.

Marine Soft Shackle

Keep the stainless steel shackle that comes with the Parasailor that attaches the Parasailor to the Easysnuffer as a backup. 

If you intend to use the Parasailor on long legs, the stainless steel ring can chafe against the stainless steel shackle. This Plasma® rope Marine Soft Shackle is the highest strength synthetic rope available. This rope shackle is stronger versus stainless steel shackles. It has a breaking strength of 27,000lbs, compared to the included stainless steel shackle which has a breaking strength between 17,000 - 22,000 lbs.



Safety Equipment - A must for circumnavigation.
Introducing Catch and Lift MOB Rescue System. Sold by Parasailor USA

The CATCH and LIFT rescue system offers significant advantages for "person overboard" and their crew. Greater security for all concerned!

CATCH and LIFT is easy to use in stressful situations and under difficult weather conditions, even by an inexperienced crewmember.

No muscle power is required for a Man Overboard Rescue, as it can be operated from the cockpit.

No dangerous approach maneuvres, no risky physical handling on the ship's side, no time wasted on modifications to your boat.

Available to North America, Sold exclusivly by Intelligent Sailing, Inc. Order yours Today

Our promise

CATCH and LIFT offers a safe and simplified way to get a person overboard back on deck in the event of an emergency.